Organic is a whole different approach to growing, gathering + production. It links soil, plant, animals, food + the environment together in a sustainable, healthy way. Only a century ago everything was organic! Then came synthetic chemicals, pesticides, fertilisers + the addition of hormones, antibiotics + genetically modified organisms (GMO).

The World Health Organisation reports, "Highly hazardous pesticides have acute + chronic effects... their widespread use has caused health problems + fatalities in many parts of the world."

Examples of poisonous chemicals deemed 'safe' by chemical companies during the last century include DDT, Agent Orange and the glyphosate product Round Up. Any word with "cide" e.g. pesticide, insecticide, herbacide, means to kill!

We prefer to use certified organic ingredients in our skincare because we don't see the sense in either growing or using anything that has been chemically altered.

With over 70% of what we place on our body entering our blood stream it's easy to see how this contributes to the build up of toxins within potentially leading to long term disease.

It's not just the foods we eat that affect us but also the products we use. In last year's Australian census a staggering one in three people reported having long term health issues. 

The cost of producing skincare using certified organic ingredients is almost double that of regular ingredients but we think it's worth it for your health + the health of our planet!

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