The true definition of purity is... freedom from adulteration or contamination. 

In terms of skincare purity is related to the ingredients + the manner in which a product is made.

How do you decide whether a product is pure?

  • Read the ingredients! Can you understand them? Or do they include complicated names?
  • Consider the packaging. Is it plastic? Because if so, your ingredients will be compromised.
  • Is the packaging recyclable? Does the brand accept packaging returns or is your purchase contributing to waste?
  • Where is the product made? 
  • How far does it have to travel to reach you?
  • How is it made?
  • Who is making it? 

Many brands slip in the odd chemical yet claim their products are pure. Or use ingredients that are 'derived from' which basically means something that was once natural has been altered through a chemical process.

Often I see major supermarkets or chemist chains advertising a product as being 'natural'. Yet a quick glance through the ingredients shows it's far from it!

Shops generally require a 3-5 year shelf life which means products need chemical preservatives. They are frequently made in bulk using vast machines in countries where environmental laws can easily be flouted + labour is cheap. All these factors contribute to a tainted product. 

    Do your research. Purity is worth searching for.

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