Our new lush cleanser, Clarity is a beautiful green colour, thanks to the avocado + hemp seed oils. Some avocado oil is insipid in colour + nutrient deficient but not ours + happily these two are grown right here on certified organic farms in Australia!

But, how best to cleanse? The first step in caring for your skin is to properly clean it! Perspiration, grease, dust, make-up, dirt + bacteria all collect on your skin and must be completely removed.  Cleansing helps to purify the skin, open your pores + allows your skin to best absorb any products you're going to apply.

To cleanse effectively, begin by wetting the face with lukewarm water. (Warm water helps to open your pores, clearing them of dirt, oil + bacteria + helping to prevent breakouts. Avoid using hot water on your skin.)

Apply CLARITY to an organic or reusable cotton pad + gently massage it in, using circular, upward motions for at least two minutes. Repeat. Once the pad has come clean your face is clean. You can leave any residue oil on your skin so you don't lose valuable nutrients.

  • Snowflower oil is rich in beauty-loving vitamins + antioxidants to enhance collagen production, improve skin hydration + restore luminosity.  
  • Desert Lime with its concentration of Vitamin C helps to revitalise, enhance firmness + rejuvenate skin.

Cleanse then spritz with SANCTIA for extra hydration. If you like you can then moisturise with BOTANIQUE. Personally I find the oils in Clarity are enough. I  prefer to apply my moisturiser in the morning because pores like to breathe while you're sleeping.

Make cleansing a priority + give yourself time - even if you're travelling or going to bed late. Don't miss this delicious slice of 'me' time. You can even make cleansing the moment when you repeat affirmations. Your skin will respond.

Remember the water experiments Dr. Emoto did? He took photographs of water crystals that had been spoken to lovingly. The water was fresh, clear + beautifully vibrant. Water that had been spoken to harshly or aggressively was entirely different... distorted. He proved that words affect the molecular structure of water as do thoughts, ideas, vibrations + music. As you're cleansing remember to think loving thoughts. Speak words of beauty + watch your skin blossom!

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