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Snowflower + Desert Lime Face Cleanser

Effortlessly remove impurities + make up without stripping your skin's natural oils or upsetting the skin's pH balance. Nutrient-rich, Clarity nourishes + replenishes your skin as it purifies leaving it looking + feeling deeply cleansed, soft, supple + hydrated.

  • Snowflower is rich in beauty loving vitamins + antioxidants to enhance collagen production, improve skin hydration + restore skin's luminosity.  
  • Desert Lime contains Vitamin C to help soothe, revitalise + diminish fine lines by boosting collagen production.  

INGREDIENTS: avocado*, hemp seed* + snowflower oils, aloe vera leaf + desert lime extracts, sweet orange*, lemon*, lime*, lavender*, petitgrain + rose otto* pure essential oils, vitamin E (*certified organic).


It's hard to imagine washing your face without water but that's exactly what oil cleansers are designed to do. Instead of stripping the skin of nutrients (like foaming or cream cleansers do) Clarity balances the skin as it purifies.


The skin's a wonderful thing. If you use an oil cleanser your skin will naturally stop producing so much because it knows there's now enough. When natural oils are stripped by chemical skincare, your skin over compensates and produces more oil, resulting in oily skin + other imbalances. 

"I honestly had no idea how in need of repair my skin was. I've seen SUCH an incredible transformation. I can't thank you enough!" Kate

"I was oil cleanser? On my skin? It took about 4 weeks for my skin to settle into the routine. I haven't looked back!" Bek

"Love your face cleanser as my skin feels so soft + smooth after using it. I was away for a few weeks and didn't take it. I noticed a big difference on my return."  Jenny

Need a cute headband to protect your hair? Plus a muslin face washer?

Our skincare is mindfully blended, labelled + packaged by hand.

Apply a few drops of Clarity Cleanser to an organic or reusable cotton pad + massage lightly over skin. Once the pad has come clean your face is clean! Leave any residue on your skin to absorb the beneficial nutrients. You can place the pad in the compost or use as a fire starter in winter!

Alternatively, moisten your face with water, apply Clarity, then remove with a warm, damp cloth.

    • Suitable for all skin types especially sensitives. 
    • Best within 1 year of opening. 
    • Store away from heat.
    • Slight variations in colour, texture + scent are part of the unique + beautiful handcrafted process.
    • Recycle your packaging with us here.
    What if my skin is already oily? Learn more.

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