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Snowflower + Desert Lime

This supercharged oil cleanser effortlessly removes impurities + make up without stripping your skin's natural oils or upsetting the skin's pH balance.

Containing a combination of Australia's finest certified organic oils to purify, firm, hydrate + moisturise your skin, leaving it looking + feeling soft, supple + hydrated.

  • Snowflower is part of the tea tree family + is rich in beauty-loving vitamins + antioxidants to enhance collagen production, improve skin hydration + restore your skin's luminosity.  
  • Desert Lime, an Australian native fruit, contains a rich concentration of Vitamin C to help revitalise skin tissue, enhance firmness + rejuvenate skin.
The scent is light, fresh + uplifting.

    Ingredients: Avocado*, Hemp Seed* + Snowflower Oils, Aloe Vera Leaf* + Desert Lime* Extracts, Sweet Orange*, Lemon*, Lime*, Lavender*, Petitgrain + Rose Otto* Pure Essential Oils, Vitamin E (*Certified Organic) - 40 ml.

    Massage lightly onto skin, rinse with a warm, damp face cloth or apply to cotton pad + cleanse. Store away from heat. Use within 1 year.

    ***** "I got your cleanser several months ago, at the time my skin was oily, I was prone to break outs + I frequently suffered from dry patches to the point where my skin would come off in flakes. I honestly had no idea how in need of repair my skin was. I've seen SUCH an incredible transformation. I can't thank you enough + can assure you I'll be a customer for life!" Kate

    ***** "My mature skin thanks you for such gorgeous NATURAL products. I work in an artificial atmosphere + my dry skin needs moisture + your product delivers it all day long. The wonderful cleanser just feels soft + beautiful as well as cleans my makeup off, no harsh smells - delightful + knowing it's ALL natural is the best !! That's why I love your products moisture! Moisture! Moisture."  Jeanette

    ***** "I was oil cleanser?!? On my skin....I do still get the odd pimple + outbreak; nervous due to years of troubled skin as a teenager. It took about 4 weeks for my skin to settle into the routine.... I haven't looked back!" Bek

    *****  "I've never tried an oil cleanser before but I love this because I don't need to use anything else on my skin. It's a cleanser + moisturiser in one." Mina

    *****  "I was unsure trying an oil cleanser as I have oily skin but amazingly it seemed to balance my skin out." Jo

    *****  "I use this morning + night + it always makes me feel pampered." Elaine

    ***** "This really penetrates into the pores. I was shocked at how much dirt it removed! Delightful knowing it's all natural." Liz

    ***** “The best cleanser I’ve ever used.” Grace

    *****  "Love your face cleanser as my skin feels so soft + smooth after using it. I was a way for a few weeks + didn't take it + used my old cleanser in my travel bag + noticed a big difference on my return."  Jenny

    These reviews relate to our previous cleanser Saving Face. Clarity is our all new, upgraded formula.

    Our skincare is made by hand not machine so there may be slight variations in colour + consistency. That's what we love about nature!