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Papaya + Honey Myrtle

The secret to healthy, youthful skin is... hydration! Desert Rain is a refreshing face mist to tone, calm, soothe + protect your skin whilst giving it a natural boost of hydration

Moist skin not only looks plumper but is also more absorbent than dry skin so spritzing ensures your moisturiser penetrates more deeply. 

Flower essences are included to uplift + harmonise not just your skin but also your mood. 

  • Papaya consists papain which promotes skin healing + enhances collagen production, helping to reduce wrinkles + increase skin hydration. 
  • Honey Myrtle has joyful, citrus notes, sweet honey tones + spicy depths. 

    INGREDIENTS: honey myrtle, orange blossom + sandalwood floral waters, papaya + white willow bark extracts, fringed lily twiner, white spider orchid + happy wanderer flower essences.

    "When I first tried this I wanted to bathe in it... the smell is amazing!" Nic

    "Since I've been spritzing daily I've noticed a huge difference to my skin. It feels + looks fresh. I was dehydrated before + didn't realise." Emma

    Our skincare is mindfully handcrafted, labelled + packaged in boutique batches.  

      Close your eyes + spritz freshly cleansed skin morning + night. Take Desert Rain with you on your travels as your new skin-stimulating friend. In summer keep it in the fridge for instant vitality. 

      • Suitable for all skin types especially sensitives.
      • Store away from heat + sunlight.
      • Best within 1 year of opening.
      • Slight variations in colour, texture or scent are part of the unique + beautiful handcrafted process.
      • Recycle your packaging here.

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