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rose otto + orange blossom spritz

Often dismissed from our skincare routines, spritzers have a valuable role as they hydrate, remove impurities, tighten pores + balance the pH of the skin.

Sanctia is a refreshingly delicate facial mist full of active ingredients...

  • anti-inflammatory + soothing chamomile
  • guava, rich in vitamin A + vitamin C to help protect the skin from wrinkles 
  • nettle root an astringent, high in phenols (powerful anti-oxidants)
  • gotu kola which has scar healing abilities.

With its dreamy rose otto fragrance, your skin will love the sensual uplift.

Use after cleansing. Wet skin is more absorbent than dry skin so spritzing ensures all the goodness from your moisturiser penetrates into the skin. 

Sanctia can also be used any time your skin (or mood) need a refresh.

  • Distilled at the highest level to ensure a premium product rose otto pairs beautifully with orange blossom to offer a seductive fragrance that soothes + calms yet also uplifts
  • flowers have been used for thousands of years to heal which is why we include so many flower essences in Sanctia for their mood enhancing qualities.

Ingredients: rose otto*, orange blossom  + grapefruit floral waters, chamomile*, guava, *nettle root + gotu kola extracts, green rose, happy wanderer + wild violet flower essences (*certified organic).

Shake bottle, close eyes, spritz to hydrate, refresh + tone skin + enhance mood. Store away from heat. Use within 8 months of opening.

"I love Sanctia. I spritz my face for hydration + it instantly calms me. It's such a versatile product with a gorgeous fragrance." Sarah

"It changes my mood!" Kirsha

Use within 6 months.