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Guava + Rose Otto

You'll love the sensual uplift of this restorative, hydrating mist, scented with rose otto. Sanctia helps remove impurities, tighten pores + balance the skin's natural pH.

Moist skin is more absorbent than dry skin so spritzing ensures all the goodness from your moisturiser penetrates deeply into the skin. 

This refreshingly delicate facial mist is packed with active ingredients to hydrate your skin: anti-inflammatory + soothing chamomile + nettle root, rich in vitamins A + C.

        Ingredients: Rose Otto* + Grapefruit Floral Waters, Chamomile, Guava + Nettle Root Extracts, Goddess Grasstree, Green Rose + White Nymph Waterlily Flower Essences. (*Certified Organic).

        • Rose otto pairs beautifully with grapefruit to offer anti-inflammatory, cooling + soothing properties while promoting healthy skin cell growth.
            • Guava is one of nature's natural astringents, rich in vitamins A, B + C. It is an excellent de-toxifier, revitalising skin + boosting collagen production.
            • Flower essences are included to uplift + enhance your mood, harmonising not just your skin but also your vibration.
              • Goddess Grasstree improves sensitivity 
              • White Nymph Waterlily purifies + increases inner calm.

            "My skin is wonderfully hydrated + smells + feels divine." Vicki

            "I love Sanctia. I spritz my face for hydration + it instantly calms me. It has a gorgeous fragrance." Carole

            "It changes my mood!" Kirsha

            VEGAN + CRUELTY FREE

                Use Sanctia after cleansing or any time your skin or mood need a refresh. Shake bottle + close eyes to hydrate, refresh + tone skin.

                The ideal skincare routine is to cleanse with Clarity Cleanser, tone with Sanctia Hydration then moisturise with Botanique Face Moisturiser.

                See our Essentials range for all three products in one easy + affordable bundle.

                • Store cool + away from direct sunlight.
                • Use within 6 months.  

                the natural skin store face moisturiser

                 The Natural Skin Store is about so much more than just selling products. We care deeply about the environment which is why we make 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan skincare using certified organic ingredients. We aim to cause no harm to you, animals or the planet.

                We already recycle all our cardboard, papers + plastics. Now we're implementing a way of recycling our packaging too  + we need your help to implement it. All you need to do is:

                • Keep the box + packaging your skincare arrives in - everything.
                • When you have five empty jars or bottles - send them back to us using the same box + wrapping they arrived in.
                • You don't need to sterilise them as we'll do that.
                • We'll include the return address label for you.
                • In return you'll receive a store credit for $20 to cover your time + the postage.

                It's easy!

                Our brown boxes are also 100% compostable and will break down in your compost over 90 days. If you prefer you can recycle the cardboard, glass jars + bottles as normal.

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