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Guava + Rose Otto

You'll love the sensual uplift of this restorative, hydrating mist with its soft, lilting rose otto fragrance. Spritzing helps remove impurities, tighten pores + balance your skin. 

Sanctia contains anti-inflammatory + soothing chamomile + grapefruit floral water, a valuable source of vitamin C to help protect skin from sun damage + ageing.

Flower essences are included to  enhance your mood, harmonising not just your skin but also your vibration. 

INGREDIENTS: rose otto* + grapefruit floral waters, chamomile, guava + nettle root extracts, goddess grasstree, green rose + white nymph waterlily flower essences (*Certified Organic).

  • Rose otto pairs beautifully with grapefruit to offer anti-inflammatory, cooling + soothing properties while promoting healthy skin cell growth.
  • Guava is one of nature's natural astringents, rich in vitamins A, B + C, excellent at revitalising skin + boosting collagen production.

"My skin is wonderfully hydrated + smells + feels divine." Vicki

"I love Sanctia. I spritz my face for hydration + it instantly calms me. It has a gorgeous fragrance." Carole

"It changes my mood!" Kirsha

Our skincare is mindfully handmade, labelled + packaged using certified organic ingredients to purify, protect, nurture + balance your skin. 

        Close your eyes + spritz freshly clean skin morning + night. Take Sanctia with you on your travels as your new skin-stimulating friend. In summer keep her in the fridge for an instant refresh. 

        • Suitable for all skin types especially sensitives.
        • Store away from heat + sunlight.
        • Best within 1 year of opening.
        • Slight variations in colour, texture or scent are part of the unique + beautiful handcrafted process.
        • Help us recycle packaging here.

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