founder the natural skin store   

Years ago I was living in the country deeply connected to nature when it struck me how many chemicals were in my house. I got rid of them in one big de-clutter. Replacing the cleaning items was easy but when it came to skincare I couldn’t find anything truly pure.

Brands were sneaking in chemicals, packaging in plastic or using artificial fragrances. Nature had been distorted. So I harvested rose petals from my garden  to make floral waters. These gradually turned into face creams. As my passion grew I worked with a naturopath and a formulations specialist to design the kind of skincare I wanted for my skin. The Natural Skin Store was born. Ten years later + the brand is stronger than ever. Thanks to you!  

I love making skincare the slow and natural way... by hand. It's a beautiful, meditative process + satisfying when SO many of you LOVE the products + keep coming back!

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Nature has the best remedies!


Founder + passionate earth lover.