Welcome! You've found our haven for natural skincare. Did you arrive in a similar way to me with a growing awareness of all the toxins in skincare? Are you concerned for your health + the state of the earth? Sensitive + sensual... you find regular skincare lacking in true beauty. Or perhaps your search for natural beauty has led you to so much skincare that claims to be natural but when you read the ingredients - oooph!

You want vegan, cruelty-free + packaging that doesn't end up in landfill. You long for gorgeous, soft textures + sublime scents. Most importantly your skincare must be effective! Yet you find brands sneaking in chemicals or packaging in plastic or using artificial fragrances or ingredients 'derived from'.  Nature has been distorted + the quality simply isn't there.

That's the point I reached ten years ago when I began harvesting my own rose petals to make floral waters. As my interest + passion grew, I worked with a naturopath + a formulations specialist to design the kind of skincare I imagined for my skin. From those humble beginnings The Natural Skin Store was born + today our skincare is shared with devoted followers around the world!

Handmade in Tasmania in small, boutique batches, every ingredient is chosen for its purity, efficacy + nutritional value to restore your skin to natural health, balance + vibrancy.

Now we've found each other, relax + stay a while! Browse our skincare read our Journal, follow us on socials or sign up to our Newsletter for exclusive benefits.

We understand how important it is to be sure when investing in skincare - you can't smell or feel our offerings - so if you'd like a sample, feel free to contact us.

You may also want to read some of our frequently asked questions.

Enjoy the harmony + grace of putting nothing but nature on your skin!

Jessica x

Founder + passionate earth lover.