Years ago I was living in the country with a beautiful garden, deeply connected to nature... when it suddenly struck me how many chemicals were in my house. I got rid of them all in one big de-clutter. Replacing the household items was easy but when it came to skincare I couldn’t find any that was truly pure.

Often skincare claimed to be natural but when I read the ingredients it simply wasn’t! Brands were sneaking in chemicals, packaging in plastic or using artificial fragrances. Nature had been distorted. The quality wasn't there. So I began harvesting my own rose petals to make floral waters. As my passion grew I worked with a naturopath + a formulations specialist to design the kind of skincare I imagined for my skin. My skin is ultra sensitive. I wanted sublime textures + gorgeous scents, certified organic ingredients, vegan + cruelty-free with packaging that didn't end up in landfill. Most importantly it had to be effective. From those humble beginnings The Natural Skin Store was born.

Handmade in the pure + beautiful island of Tasmania in small, boutique batches, every ingredient is chosen for its purity, efficacy + nutritional value to restore your skin to natural health, balance + vibrancy.

Now you too can enjoy the harmony + grace of putting nothing but nature on your skin! Any questions? Feel free to get in touch.  


Founder + passionate earth lover.

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