If there’s one thing we’re more passionate about than natural skincare it's the earth! So we've found a way of recycling glass jars + bottles. But we need your help. Please follow these simple steps:

  • Keep the box + packaging your skincare arrives in. Everything!
  • When you have FIVE empty jars or bottles - send them to us using the same packaging they arrived in. If lids are damaged just send the glass.
    • You don't need to sterilise them. We do that.
    • We'll include a return address label in your order.
    • You'll receive an online discount of $20 to cover your time + postage. 
    • If you prefer you can recycle the cardboard, jars + bottles as normal but every one returned enables us all to be more sustainable.

    Your purchase helps us contribute a portion of our profits to the Australian Conservation Foundation to help preserve wildlife + our beautiful country.

    Thank you for helping to care for our precious earth!