Because the digestive system truly affects skin health let's give it some loving attention. You can support your overall health by aiming to go to bed early so you wake refreshed with enough time to breathe, move and meditate (this can mean just sitting peacefully) to begin your day in a balanced way. 
Adopt the Aruveydic practice of oil pulling early morning. Use quality coconut oil - which has a whitening effect and is anti-bacterial - or sesame oil if you want to strengthen your teeth. Place 1 teaspoon into your mouth (work up to a tablespoon gradually) then swish it around for a few minutes (up to 15 minutes if you can). Don't swallow it! Spit it out in the compost or in the garden (not down the sink) then brush your teeth with a herbal, non-toxic toothpaste and scrape your tongue several times. This practice takes some getting used to but once you make it part of your daily routine you'll purify your mouth before swallowing anything, protecting your digestive system from toxins that may have gathered while you sleep. 
Drink a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon and maybe some ginger to wake your digestive system and cleanse and further flush out toxins. 
Eat a breakfast that doesn't contain processed foods. Try a simple porridge with warm spices like cinnamon and turmeric, sour dough bread and avocado or tofu scramble with fresh veg. Eat mindfully and slowly. Really connect with your body and your food. Keep screen distractions to a minimum. 
The Western diet has things upside down. Breakfast like a queen, lunch like a servant and dine like a pauper makes more sense. We don't need a heavy meal in the evening because we're about to sleep. Ideally finish eating three hours before you go to bed to allow your body to process food efficiently. 
During the day drink warm or hot water not very cold water as this upsets the digestive system. 
Fasting is valuable, particularly around the change of seasons to flush out your system. Can't face the thought of a fast? Try a mini one... eat your last meal before 6 pm and then have a breakfast of fresh fruit the following morning at 9 am to give your overloaded body a full 15 hours to recover. 
Keep food natural like your skincare. Eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Stay away from processed, packaged foods. They are usually highly salted or sugary and not your friends. If you're prone to breakouts... avoid sweets. 
Organise yourself. Have a plan. When we're disorganised we tend to eat mindlessly... too much, too fast or just the wrong foods. This leads to stress, sleep disorders and digestive problems which affect your whole system.
Love yourself, love your body, love your skin. You can do it! 

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