I have three 100 year old pear trees + they are magnificent. In full blossom they are the most wonderful, magical sight because they are SO old.

Why don't we revere humans in the same way? All the years they've lived, all the words they've spoken, sights they've seen, experiences they've had. Their wrinkles only show an extraordinary life. A story of survival. 

I recently looked up words for ageing + came across the following: crumbling, antediluvian, cast-off, dated, decayed, hackneyed, moth-eaten (!), rusty, stale, unoriginal,  worn-out, even plain done! There were no beautiful words to describe ageing. Is it any wonder none of us wants to age?!

We are here to grow + evolve. There's an inevitability about it. Life is a blessing yet there are no guarantees of another day. 

So if you see wrinkles appearing don't rush to have botox,  don't feel that your skin has failed you in any way, don't wish you could turn back the years. Be accepting of the natural progression of life. 

The following staple things work to replenish most skins + they're simple.

  • a healthy, mainly plant-based diet
  • drinking water
  • daily exercise
  • positive thinking
  • meditation
  • 100% natural skincare (of course)
  • a loving heart
  • gratitude
  • doing what you love. 

Your skin reflects what's going on inside you. It will tell you if there is anything you need to address. Thank it for it's loving messages + treat it (+ yourself) with absolute kindness. It will show in your wrinkles... if you're lucky to live long enough to have them! 

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