Each flower has a different healing quality or essence which is why we use such a wide variety of native Australian Flower Essences in our skincare.

Because we handcraft all our products in small batches, free of impersonal machines, we're always searching for ways to improve our offerings. Including flower essences gives our skincare a natural vibration + positive energy, which influences not only your skin but also your mental, emotional + physical well-being so you can look + feel amazing.

    SANCTIA hydration contains:
      • Goddess Grasstree to enhance sensitivity + the feminine
      • White Nymph Waterlily for purity + to increase inner calm.

      DESERT RAIN hydration contains:

      • Fringed Lily Twiner for grace
      • White Spider Orchid to engender a higher perspective on the soul's journey.
          BOTANIQUE face moisturiser contains:
          • violet butterfly flower essence to restore calm 

          EARTH SONG face moistuirser contains:

          • black kangaroo paw flower essence - the flower of forgiveness + love, bringing you back to your heart.
              FRAGILE eye cream contains wild violet to bring positivity + joy.

                Flowers hold secrets + so much power!

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