Why do we include Australian flower essences in our skincare?


This stunning flower is black kangaroo paw and its essence is about forgiveness and love. Helping to bring you back to the light after resentment or emotional trauma, a return to the heart rather than staying in bitterness. 

Amazing to think a flower can have such power! But flower essences work on a higher consciousness level. Each plant has a vibrational energy and the flower is the culmination of this. When flower essences are absorbed into the body they work on the subtle principle of resonance.

Each flower has a different healing quality which is why we use such a wide variety in our skincare.

Because we make everything by hand without impersonal machines we are always looking at ways to improve the vibration of our offerings. We have found that including flower essences works particularly well as the flowers impart their sacred messages. A feeling that translates into a truly beautiful product and of course is passed on to you.