You don't want toxins on your body but have you considered some thoughts are toxic + these also affect the health of your cells + your well-being?

I've put myself on a diet + it's not what you think or rather it IS what you THINK. It's a No Negativity Towards Myself Diet. No complaining, no criticism + no niggling!

How often do you criticise your body during the day? Start noticing + stop yourself! Try it for a day. Then a few more days. Stretch to a week. Eventually you'll find you've caught the habit + when it pops up again (as habits do) say to yourself, I'm not doing that anymore.

Once you've put things right with your body, you can move to criticism in general. The critical mind is always finding fault instead of accepting what is.  

Next use the same scenario with complaining. Every time you hear yourself moaning, remember you're not doing that any more. Even if you have to stop mid-sentence. You can laugh at yourself. Because really it's funny how we make these destructive habits stick. Then explain to, whoever you're with, what you’re doing + admit you forgot. Instead replace the words with something you're grateful for. A blessing in life.

Remember not to chat with friends in a complaining tone either because if the others agree, together you'll spiral into a ditch!

Ready to tackle blame now? This is a fun game to play with children too. First one to complain, criticise or blame loses. Keep your thoughts kind + helpful towards yourself then watch as the love spreads to others.

This creates a peaceful vibration inside your body + resonates in harmony with your true essence. Just as you enjoy applying pure products to your skin, you'll enjoy purifying your thoughts. 

Remember to tell yourself it’s easy because if you think it's hard you might give up. Be patient but expect results!

Photo: Frederic Dupont.

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