We've all come across someone whose beauty shines through. Sometimes it's a case of simply being genuine. We often think + behave in certain ways just to fit in. To change from that to being authentically you isn’t always easy. 

Here are some ideas you might want to try:

  •  Connect frequently with your heart. Notice the part you play in relationships when you slip into your ego instead of staying with the love.
    •  Honesty is paramount... with yourself + others.
    •  Learn to understand your emotions by bringing in the light of awareness - not getting too caught up, instead stepping back, accepting, feeling + allowing different emotions. They're all valid, best not to judge them as good or bad.
    •  Heal your hurts - however you can - so you can grow in a healthy way.
    • Yoga helps you to connect to your breath + your body.
    •  Abandon all that is false – people, products, the list goes on!
    • Spend time in nature + grow your own food. Eating close to nature is the best way to ensure your diet is healthy.
    •  Drink fresh, clean water. Flush out those toxins!
    •  Wear natural fibres like a second skin.
    •  Be mindful of the media you consume.
    •  Balance work with relaxation. Make relaxation a priority in all your interactions. When you’re relaxed everything flows.
    •  Enjoy being present in each moment instead of worrying about the future or dwelling in the past.
    •  Have compassion with yourself + others when things don’t go as planned.
    •  Understand there’s no right or wrong, only learning.
    •  Be grateful.
    •  Walk often in nature. Let your senses guide you. 
    •  Breathe deeply.
    •  Sometimes just be.

    How do you stay real? It’s worth contemplating. Choosing natural skincare is a start but there are so many steps we can take to return to our true selves.

    Inner beauty is about your inner world. Loving yourself from the inside out



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