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Balance + replenish your skin with this blend of velvety soft, 100% natural, skincare. Rich in anti-oxidants, skin nutrients + trace elements. Your skin will feel the difference. 

Scented with the sublime aroma of pure essential oils to create a sense of luxury, we make no apologies if you fall in love. 

Use within 9 months.

Our skincare is made by hand not machine so there may be slight variations in colour + consistency. Sometimes our beeswax is warm gold, sometimes it's pale yellow. It depends where the bees have been. That's what we love about nature!

*****  "The ultimate in luxury. Every time I use this skincare I feel as if I'm giving love to myself." Anna 

***** "The packaging + the products are beautiful. It's really high performance skincare and to be genuinely natural is perfect." Li

***** "I can’t thank you enough for creating such magical products. My skin has never looked or felt so good. It feels like my skin is being protected and really absorbing the nutrients." Pip



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