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Quondong + Fuchsia Gum

Saving Face removes ingrained dirt, pollution + impurities resulting in tighter, more refined pores + radically clean skin. All while brightening + softening your complexion so it looks + feels amazing!

Why clay? Because clay absorbs excess oil while reducing pore clogging + giving your skin a deep + thorough make over. 

INGREDIENTS: ivory, pink + yellow clays, crushed Tasmanian rose petals, quandong + bilberry extracts, fuscia gum flower essence, neroli + Peru balsam pure essential oils.

  • Quandong  contains twice the vitamin C of an orange, boosting collagen, plumping skin + reducing fine lines. 
  • Fuchsia Gum is a living flower essence that works on your mood, helping you to be more at peace with yourself.

"I thought I was a mask connoisseur - I've tried so many over the years - I wasn't prepared for the surprise I was in for when I tried Saving Face - it truly lives up to its name. It's like applying silk, it really is a new level of smooth + beautiful. Then here is the major surprise number two, I damped my cloth to remove the mask + it just dissolved, so soft + fine is the clay -  no rubbing - no stuck clay lumps. How did my skin feel? Well, radiant!! It had a definite pink glow - smooth + visibly refined. Definitely a world class product." Diane 

Need a cute headband to protect your hair? Plus a muslin face washer?

Our skincare is mindfully handmade, labelled + packaged using certified organic ingredients to nourish, protect + balance your skin naturally. 

      Add 1 tsp mask to 1 tsp water + make a paste the consistency of toothpaste. Apply in gentle, circular motions to face. Allow to dry. Rinse then moisturise. This can be a little messy at first but you'll soon become a pro + see the benefits!  

      • Suitable for all skin types especially sensitives.
      • Keep contents dry + store away from heat + sunlight. 
      • Best within 1 year of opening.
      • Slight variations in colour, texture + scent are part of the unique + beautiful handcrafted process.
      • Help us recycle packaging here.

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