Jasmine + Green Rose Fragrant Mist
The Natural skin store jasmine and green rose fragrance
The Natural skin store jasmine and green rose fragrance

Jasmine + Green Rose Fragrant Mist

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A refreshingly delicate fragrant mist for that calm-me-down-yet-pick-me-up feeling any time of the day. Hydrating + replenishing, your skin will love the sensual uplift. Use after cleansing to tone the skin + lock in moisture or any time your face (or mood) need an aromatic boost.

  • Distilled at the highest level to ensure a premium product jasmine pairs beautifully with orange blossom to offer a seductive fragrance that soothes + calms yet also uplifts
  • Flowers have been used for thousands of years to heal which is why we include so many flower essences in Sanctia for their mood enhancing qualities.

Ingredients: jasmine + orange blossom floral waters, guava, *nettle root + chamomile extracts, green rose, white spider orchid + star of Bethlehem flower essences.

Shake bottle, close eyes, spritz to hydrate, refresh + tone skin + enhance mood. Store away from heat. Use within 8 months of opening.

"I love Sanctia. I spritz my face for hydration. It cools + calms me. I spray it on my pillow. I take it with me when I travel. It's such a versatile product with a gorgeous fragrance." Sarah

"It changes my mood!" Kirsha, MONA