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neroli + chamomile balm

This cute jar of skin nutrition is perfect to keep as your companion. Light + versatile it's a true skin staple. Apply to hands, lips + almost anywhere you have dry skin. The scent is warm, floral + mildly sweet.

  • neroli is a mood enhancer that also helps reduce signs of aging + diminishes the appearance of scars + fine lines.
  • chamomile is the ultimate natural calm balm. It helps fade sun spots + prevent skin breakouts, as well as being anti-inflammatory + antiseptic.

Ingredients: avocado*, sunflower* + coconut* oils, beeswax, shea nut butter*, rosella flower + fig* extracts, neroli + chamomile pure essential oils, vitamin E (*certified organic).

Apply sparingly as a little goes a long way. Use within 6 months.

"Just a tiny touch, you don’t need much at all. This balm spreads easily and has a beautiful texture + scent." Barbara

"Finally I've found a natural balm that truly repairs my skin." Jennifer


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