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Mint + Nettle Root Spritz

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Refreshing + hydrating, infused with a blend of uplifting pure essential oils, this spritz can be used as skin hydration for the face or to scent, freshen + invigorate the body any time. Infused with flower essences which have the added benefit of enhancing mood, Mountain Cool is a highly versatile skin staple.

Ingredients: peppermint + grapefruit floral waters, gotu kola, nettle root + chamomile extracts, happy wanderer, black kangaroo paw + pale sundew flower essences, *peppermint, sweet orange, lavender, petitgrain + *chamomile pure essential oils (*certified organic).

Shake bottle, close eyes + spritz. Suitable for face + body. Use within 6 months of opening. 

VEGAN + NUT FREE    The Natural Skin Store choose cruelty free