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lilli pilli + calendula face moisturiser

A light yet rich face moisturiser containing superb hydrating oils to give your skin a valuable vitality boost so it radiates natural good health. This moisturiser will leave you feeling as if you’ve given your skin a luxury treatment.

Choose your own pure essential oils to suit your skin type.

  • lilli pilli is a native Australian botanical that contains high concentrations of vitamin C + fruit acids making it excel in the production of collagen + elastin, visibly firming + brightening the skin.
  • calendula is rich in flavonoids + antioxidants that encourage cellular repair + combat free radicals that often cause premature aging.

Ingredients: calendula*, sunflower*, jojoba* + tamanu oils, orange blossom floral water, beeswax, lilli pilli + ginseng* extracts, rice protein, French pink clay, star of Bethlehem flower essence, vitamin E, pure essential oils.

Apply sparingly in light, upward, circular strokes. Store away from heat. Use within 6 months.

"Love, love this cream! I've been searching for a truly natural cream but they are SO hard to find. My skin is definitely feeling the benefits. The neroli + peru balsam smells amazing." Bridget

"I'm addicted. I can't live without it." Tanya


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