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Gingko + Honey Myrtle Face Moisturiser

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Called Star because it really is a star... our original, best-selling moisturiser contains a powerhouse of native Australian botanical extracts to hydrate, heal + replenish your skin. Readily penetrating through all layers of the dermis to deliver deep moisture, your skin will feel naturally nourished, youthful and radiant.

Ginkgo is rich in flavonoids + is a potent antioxidant offering protection for the skin from harmful free radicals that accelerate ageing. It also helps preserve the healthy, firm + supple condition of the skin while honey myrtle provides a unique, fresh, perfectly relaxing scent that everyone adores!

Ingredients: *macadamia oil, *hempseed oil, sandalwood floral water,  beeswax, Kakadu plum, *gingko + lemon aspen extracts, Australian yellow clay, southern cross flower essence, honey myrtle, *grapefruit, *rosemary, *sweet fennel, *lemon myrtle, *juniperberry and carrot seed pure essential oils, paprika, vitamin E, rosemary leaf + grapefruit seed extracts. 

Apply a small amount in light, upward, circular strokes. Store away from heat. Use within 3 months of opening.