Skin Hydration DESERT RAIN

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Blossom & Buddha Wood:

DESERT RAIN leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and deliciously blossom scented. For hundreds of years the freshly picked flowers of orange blossom have been used for their relaxing, sweet smelling and soothing effect on sensitive skin. A gentle spritz across the face balances your skin while also calming your spirit. 

Orange blossom floral water illuminates dull skin and combats the signs of aging while Buddha wood is is an excellent pure essential oil often used in meditation.

Contains : orange blossom floral water, ginseng extract, desert lime extract, mandarin, *lemongrass, honey myrtle and Buddha wood pure essential oils, fuschia gum flower essence

*denotes certified organic.

"It changes my mood!" Kirsha

To use :  hold bottle away from face & spray with eyes closed. Alternatively, after cleansing, place on a cotton pad & use light, upward strokes to tone skin, following with moisturiser to lock in the nourishing ingredients. 

DESERT RAIN is compatible with EARTH SONG Face Moisturiser and COME CLEAN Face Cleanser.

Store cool and away from direct sunlight. Use within 8 months.

Because our products are handmade some inconsistencies may occur.

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