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jasmine + green rose

A hydrated skin is a healthy skin. Often we neglect this part of our skincare routine but moisture is queen when it comes to skincare. If you do nothing else... stay hydrated!

This face spritz helps remove impurities, tighten pores + balance the skin. Moist skin is more absorbent than dry skin so hydrating also ensures all the goodness from your moisturiser or elixir penetrates more deeply.

  • jasmine, known for its romantic fragrance, is rich in antioxidants + helps even skin tone + reduce the appearance of age spots
  • flower essences bring the vibration of love + caring to the soul, engendering a higher perspective + deep serenity.

Ingredients: jasmine floral water, guava + nettle extracts, star of Bethlehem, goddess grasstree + green rose flower essences.

Shake bottle, close eyes + spritz face to hydrate + refresh skin + enhance mood.

Use within 1 year.

***** "So fresh + smells gorgeous!" Kit

***** "Smells like spring!"  Emily

Our skincare is made by hand not machine so there may be slight variations in colour + consistency. That's what we love about nature!