Christmas creams

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100% pure skincare

For a limited time only we've created two special Christmas creams with blends of pure essential oils to delight your skin + your senses.

Choose from luxe... gold (mandarin), frankincense + myrrh. Or classic... sweet orange, cinnamon + clove.

  • frankincense is known as liquid gold for the face because of its amazing anti-aging properties. It helps to protect + regenerate healthy skin cells, tighten skin + reduce wrinkles.
  • myrrh is anti-microbial + anti-inflammatory. It effectively cleanses, moisturises, soothes + firms the skin. 
  • the anti-fungal, antioxidant + anti-bacterial properties of cinnamon make it useful against acne + skin blemishes. It also improves blood flow to the surface of the skin, resulting in healthier skin.
  • clove helps to tighten the skin + prevents the appearance of fine lines.  It also aids blood circulation to ensure radiant looking skin.

Luxe ingredients: calendula*, sunflower*, jojoba* + tamanu oils, orange blossom floral water, beeswax, lilli pilli + ginseng* extracts, rice protein, French pink clay, star of Bethlehem flower essence, vitamin E, mandarin*, frankincense + myrrh (*certified organic).

Classic ingredients: *macadamia, *hempseed + virgin buriti oils, sandalwood floral water,  beeswax, Kakadu plum, mountain berry + desert lime extracts, Australian yellow clay, black kangaroo paw flower essence, vitamin E, sweet orange, cinnamon + clove pure essential oils (*certified organic).

Apply a small amount to face + neck in light, upward, circular strokes. Store away from heat. Use within 6 months.