why natural



Manufacturing for most skincare companies involves huge vats of base creams, often taking advantage of cheap labour in poor countries where environmental regulations are loose. They then spend vast amounts on slick packaging + clever marketing so you purchase what is, in effect, a concoction of toxins. Many large brands chase profits rather than considering health.

With consumers becoming more aware, there's a lot of green washing going on now. Where one or two natural ingredients are included on the front cover of packaging so the product appears natural. Words like Eco, pure + organic aren't necessarily a reflection of what's inside. Calling a brand Organic X doesn't mean the contents are organic.

Read ingredients and avoid anything 'derived from' which basically means once natural but since altered by a chemical process. If you don't understand something, do your research. Most brands hope you won't!

Creating 100% natural skincare takes time, dedication, passion + precision but we believe it's worth it. We source pure, quality certified organic ingredients so you + your skin receive the benefits. We began making skincare precisely because of the above. We felt it was time people had a choice.