What is my skin type?

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There are five types of skin:

As with everything, each skin type has its advantages + disadvantages. So learn to love the skin you're in! Harsh chemicals change the structure of the skin which is fragile + delicate. Once damaged it takes work to regenerate.

  • Normal skin represents well balanced skin + is simple to care for. Although people with normal skin tend to take it for granted + often neglect their skin.
  • Sensitive skin is usually reactive. It burns easily in the sun + can develop rashes or is prone to break out. The best remedy is to use gentle, truly natural products. Read your ingredients to be sure.
  • Dry or mature skin needs lots of moisture. This type of skin sometimes feels tight + may have flaky patches. The lack of oil means that dry skin is more prone to premature wrinkles. The best remedy is to keep the moisture up... use natural facial oils + moisturisers.
  • Oily skin describes a skin type with high sebum production. If you have oily skin you'll probably notice some shine on your skin + may experience regular breakouts. But don't be afraid to put oils onto your skin because the skin will adjust + produce less oil.
  • Combination skin features two different skin types - perhaps both dry + oily on different sections of the face. The oily part is generally the t-section.

We've made it simple for you... when choosing your moisturiser select the pure essential oils that best suit your skin type.