Why natural?

Is this skincare natural?

Yes, 100%! We don't hide our ingredients. We encourage you to read them because you'll understand everything.

Why is natural skincare different from regular skincare?

Applying chemicals to your skin can damage the pH level + natural balance of your skin. Plus, up to 70% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body. These toxins build slowly + silently within over many years.

What's the difference between an elixir + a face moisturiser?

Elixirs contain a high dosage of valuable nutrients... vitamins + skin fortifying botanical ingredients, which are the building blocks for collagen + elastin repair. They deliver to the deeper levels of the dermis, multi-tasking + restoring the skin with active ingredients. Face elixirs are a way of moisturising using pure oils which help to restore your skin's luminosity which is why we call ours Glow!

How does the oil cleanser work?

It's hard to imagine washing your skin without water but that's exactly what oil cleansers are designed to do. Instead of stripping the skin of natural nutrients, oils feed the skin + help to maintain its pH balance.

No need to wash off otherwise you waste all those precious ingredients that could be benefiting your skin. 

Is it best to use the face moisturiser at night or in the morning?

If you apply a face moisturiser to your skin before bed you're likely to lose some on the pillow. The pores of the skin like to breathe at night so going to bed bare faced is best. However if you're a long time fan of night creams then old habits will probably win!

Do I keep the face moisturiser in the fridge?

Our face moisturisers don't like extreme cold or heat so don't put them in the fridge but do keep them away from heat + direct sun. The shelf life is short (see individual products) but we know you'll love it so much you'll use it before it's time is up!

Can I use the face moisturiser as an eye cream?

The skin around your eyes is very delicate but so are our moisturisers. With 100% natural ingredients they're perfectly safe for around the eye area. As they're rich in antioxidants + vitamins this will help strengthen delicate skin + reverse the signs of premature ageing, often more noticeable around the eyes.

My skin is already oily so I don't want to put more oils onto it.

The skin is a wonderful thing. If you use an oily moisturiser your skin will naturally stop producing so much oil because it knows there's now enough. Foaming + cream cleansers strip your skin of natural oils. When the oil is stripped, your skin over compensates by producing more oil, resulting in oily skin, pimples + other imbalances.


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