Why pure skincare?

Because you only have one body and it deserves the best.



If you've never experienced our skincare before... welcome you're in for a treat! You'll most likely find our range different from normal store bought products. We use 100% natural ingredients (floral waters, nut + flower oils,  beeswax, fruit extracts + flower essences).

Shops require a 3-5 year shelf life which is why most skincare is filled with chemicals - even those that claim to be natural. The only way to check is to read the ingredients!

Perhaps the desire to have healthy skin has led you to experiment with your skin. Sadly this often makes the situation worse. Placing different chemicals on your skin can damage the pH levels + natural balance, therefore try to stick to one skin care routine + use organic, chemical-free products as much as you can. 70% of what you place on your skin goes into your body so imagine how these toxins build over time.

The first sign of ageing is lack of moisture so hydration is key. Oils are the heroines here. Don't be concerned as they'll absorb into your skin rapidly + do their good work... lubricating, healing, protecting + moisturising so your skin becomes naturally radiant. 

My skin is already oily so I don't like to put more oil onto it.

The skin is a wonderful thing. If you use an oily moisturiser your skin will automatically stop producing so much oil because it knows there is now enough.

Chemicals, foaming + cream cleansers + even fragrance (there can be up to 200 chemicals contained in that word)  strip your skin of its natural oils. When the oil is stripped, your skin over compensates by producing more oil, resulting in oily skin, pimples & other imbalances.

With natural products you'll notice a difference in your skin health + your internal health will also benefit.

As you massage these beautiful certified organic ingredients into your skin, your body + mind will respond with a resounding yes... at last, natural, pure, certified organic skin health!

Below we've answered some common concerns but if you'd like to know more... pop over to our contact page and ask away.

Which is best a moisturiser or an elixir?

This is always a personal preference. Some people don't like to put straight oils (despite their value) onto their skin. As we age we need a little more help... that's when the elixirs are perfect because they give a direct hit of moisturise to the skin! But if you're a devoted cream lover - we understand.

How does the oil cleanser work?

It's hard to imagine washing your skin without water but that is exactly what our oil cleansers are designed to do. Instead of stripping the skin of natural nourishment... oils feed the skin + help to maintain its pH balance. The main benefit of facial oil cleansers is that oil dissolves oil. Once the oil is massaged into your skin, it will dissolve the oil that has hardened with impurities and become ingrained in your pores. No need to wash off but if you want to use water we recommend rinsing prior or cleansing after a shower (to open your pores) otherwise you waste all those nutritious ingredients that could be benefiting your skin. And by the way... oils are brilliant at removing ALL the icky stuff. They even tackle make up. Once converted you'll see such great results with your skin that you won't return. 

Is it best to use the face moisturiser at night or in the morning?

If you apply a face moisturiser to your skin before bed you're likely to lose some on the pillow. Also the pores of the skin like to breathe at night so going to bed bare faced is best. However if you are a long time fan of night creams then old habits will probably win on your skin!

Do I keep the face moisturiser in the fridge?

Our face moisturisers are made with pure ingredients + therefore they're fragile. They don't like extreme cold or heat so don't put them in the fridge + do keep them away from the sun. Their shelf life is 6 months. All our natural products are made fresh so treat them as such. We know you'll love them so much that you'll use them before their time is up!

Can I use the face moisturiser as an eye cream?

The skin around your eyes is very delicate but so are our moisturisers. With 100% pure ingredients they are perfectly safe for around the eye area. As they are rich in antioxidants + vitamins they will help strengthen delicate skin + reverse the signs of premature ageing.


Our products are not manufactured so there will be slight variations in colour + consistency. Sometimes our beeswax is warm gold, sometimes it is pale yellow. It all depends where the bees have been. That's what we love about nature!

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