Which is better... a moisturising cream or an elixir?

This is always a personal preference. Some people don't like to put straight oils onto their face. As we age we often need a little more help... that's when the elixirs are wonderful because they give a direct hit of moisture! They also contain all the essential oils for anti-ageing but if you're a devoted cream lover - we understand.

Which moisturiser is best for my skin?

Our moisturisers are not designed for specific skin types although Dew Diligence is recommended for ultra-sensitive skin as it is unscented. They are all equally as effective, super light yet rich in moisture. So choose on ingredients + fragrance (white for floral + black for citrus/myrtle).

My skin is already oily so I don't like to put any more oil onto it.

Ah... the skin is a wonderful thing. If you use a naturally oily moisturiser your skin will automatically stop producing so much oil because it knows there is now enough.

Do I wash off the cleanser?

It's hard to imagine washing without water but that is exactly what our cleansers are designed to do. Instead of stripping the skin of natural nourishment our cleansers feed the skin + help maintain the pH balance. No need to wash off but if you want to use water we recommend rinsing prior otherwise you waste all those nutritious ingredients.

Is it best to use the face creams in the morning or at night?

If you use the cream before bed you are likely to lose some on the pillow. Also the pores like to breathe at night so going to bed bare faced is best. However if you are a long time fan of night creams then old habits will probably win.

Should I store my cream in the fridge?

Our creams are fragile... they don't like to be extremely cold or hot. Their shelf life is 3 months. 4 months for masks + exfoliants + 6 months for oils + balms. We use natural preservatives like grapefruit seed + rosemary leaf extract, honey + vitamin E. Our products need to be treated as fresh but we're sure you'll love them so much that you'll use them within the recommended time!