Hi, I'm Jessica, founder + creator of The Natural Skin Store.

I've always been passionate about nature... from the woods behind our house in England to the raw, diverse wilderness of Australia.

I also have sensitive skin.

Ten years ago I was living in the country surrounded by flowers + fruit trees,  immersed in the natural world, gardening + growing. It made me aware of how many toxins were in my skincare. I searched for alternatives but couldn't find any natural skincare that was genuine (although many claimed to be). This led me to experiment by making my own.

I began with rose floral water which soon developed into a passion for creating a variety of natural skincare. I saw amazing results for myself, my family + friends. Our skin improved... we looked + felt healthy but best of all this skincare was 100% natural + pure!

I then worked alongside a naturopath + a formulations specialist to design dynamic, easy to use natural skincare products made from certified organic ingredients. This dedication has now blossomed into a reputable brand that

  • helps care for the earth + does no harm
      • saves the planet (+ people) from the dis-ease of toxic skincare
      • is cruelty free accredited
        • reduces plastic
        • avoids mass manufacturing
        • nurtures naturally healthy skin
        • donates to The Australian Conservation Foundation.

        I love sharing ethical, high quality natural skincare with discerning customers all around the world + helping them to care for the earth + their skin.

        Join me on the journey to become your best natural self!