Why Natural?

Plants contain potent nutrients no chemicals can emulate which is why we use only 100% natural, certified organic ingredients in our skincare. Toxins placed on the skin build over time, creating imbalance, impurity + ultimately ill-health.
The majority of brands use chemicals. Chemicals are cheap + easy to manipulate whereas natural ingredients are fragile + expensive due to their quality, seasonality + the time required to grow. It takes skill + dedication to work with them.
Due to an increased awareness of the benefits of natural skincare many brands are now misleading consumers into believing their products are natural when in reality they contain harmful toxins. A product advertised on the front of packaging gives no indication of what is inside.
Genuinely natural products are rare + precious because they aren't easy to create. To be certain... read ingredients. Removing chemicals + plastic from our environment helps to nourish + restore harmony, balance + health not just to your skin but also to our planet.