The Natural Skin Store hemp + wattleseed cleanser
Hemp + Wattleseed Face Cleanser
The Natural Skin Store Davidson plum cleanser
Hemp + Wattleseed Face Cleanser

Hemp + Wattleseed Face Cleanser

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This supercharged, natural oil cleanser effortlessly removes impurities so your skin doesn’t just feel clean but also balanced, nourished, conditioned + protected. Citrus + myrtle add a fresh, uplifting aroma. Our seeds are in liquid form so this cleanser is smooth as silk.

  • Hemp seed oil is a rich source of omega-6 fatty acid offering skin regeneration + stimulating cellular repair
  • Wattle seed has high levels of amino acids, valuable for texture, resilience + hydration.

Ingredients: macadamia*, hempseed* + virgin buriti oils, aloe vera*, wattle seed + Davidson plum extracts, ribbon pea flower essence, lemongrass*, pink grapefruit*, rosemary*, sweet fennel*, juniperberry*, lemon myrtle + carrot seed pure essential oils, vitamin E (*certified organic).

Massage lightly onto skin, rinse with a warm, damp face cloth or apply to a cotton pad + cleanse. Store away from heat. Use within 12 months of opening.

"I was unsure trying an oil cleanser as I have oily skin but amazingly it balanced + stopped producing so much oil." Jo

"This really penetrates into the pores. I was shocked at how much dirt it removed. Delightful knowing it's all natural. The best!" Jeanette