Sanctia Fragrant Mist

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Jasmine + Green Rose:

A refreshing mist for that calm-me-down-yet-pick-me-up feeling any time of the day. Hydrating + replenishing, your skin will love the sensual uplift + delicate fragrance. When used prior to creams or oils, Sanctia tones the skin and locks in moisture to create superior hydration.

Flowers have been used for thousands of years to heal which is why we include so many flower essences in Sanctia for their superior mood enhancing qualities.

Ingredients: jasmine + orange blossom floral waters, guava, *nettle root + chamomile extracts, green rose, white spider orchid + star of Bethlehem flower essences.

Shake bottle, close eyes, spritz to hydrate, refresh + tone skin + enhance mood. Store away from heat. Use within 6 months of opening.

Vegan + Nut Free.

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