saving face cleanser
saving face cleanser

saving face cleanser

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rosehip + flannel flower face cleanser

This supercharged, natural oil cleanser effortlessly removes impurities (+ make up) without stripping natural oils or upsetting the skin's pH levels.

Saving Face contains a combination of the world’s finest certified organic oils that don't just clean your skin but also firm, hydrate + moisturise, leaving it looking + feeling soft, supple + youthful.

If you want to be extra eco-friendly purchase a reusable face wipe. Rinse in warm soapy water immediately after use + reuse. Simple!

  • flannel Flower botanical extract contains phyto-actives... potent nutrients that absorb into the skin layers, soothing + regenerating the skin, providing a long-lasting protective barrier against the elements
  • rose hip seed oil contains the highest concentration of vitamin A of any pure botanical oil, assisting in reducing wrinkles, diminishing fine lines + lightening age spots.

Ingredients: avocado*, sunflower*, hempseed*, rosehip* + tamanu oils, flannel flower, aloe vera*, gingko* + calendula* extracts, goddess grasstree flower essence, sweet orange*, lemon*, lime*, lavender*, petitgrain + rose otto* pure essential oils, vitamin E, rosemary leaf extract (*certified organic).

Massage lightly onto skin, rinse with a reusable face cloth or apply to reusable face cloth + cleanse. Store away from heat. Use within 6 months.

"I've never tried an oil cleanser before but I love this because I don't need to use anything else on my skin. It's a cleanser + moisturiser in one." Mina

"I was unsure trying an oil cleanser as I have oily skin but amazingly it seemed to balance my skin out + it stopped producing so much oil." Jo

"This really penetrates into the pores. I was shocked at how much dirt it removed from my skin. Delightful knowing it's all natural. The best!" Jeanette