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Give your lips some love with this delicate, nourishing 100% natural lip balm. Calendula, with its anti-inflammatory + antibacterial properties, provides valuable lip protection for those kissables.

The scent is soft, sensual, calming.

Hush comes in a generous 20 ml jar so you could give your hands some love too. Just a touch is all you need.

Ingredients: sunflower*, calendula* + coconut oils, shea nut butter, beeswax,  geranium essential oil, vitamin E (*certified organic).

20 ml.

***** "I was hooked straight away - light, soothing and glossy. Love it!" Bek

Use within 6 months.

Our skincare is made by hand not machine so there may be slight variations in colour + consistency. Sometimes our beeswax is warm gold, sometimes it's pale yellow. It depends where the bees have been. That's what we love about nature!