For a soothing start to your day, blend the following + drink:

1 cup almond or coconut milk
1 small banana
Pinch of salt
Pinch of brewer's yeast (for B vitamins)
Add: dash of cinnamon or cardamom, 1 T hemp or chia seeds, 1 T nut butter, 1 t maca powder, honey to taste (optional).

A healthy belly means healthy skin!


      Always use light, upward strokes on the face because the skin is fragile. Daily downward movements contribute to premature aging. Do this one thing every day + you'll see results over time.

        3. SUPERFOODS

          Add these to your meals frequently for an anti-oxidant skin boost:

          Hemp seeds

          Flaxseed oil

          Dark, leafy greens



          Raw unsalted nuts (not too many)

          Pumpkin seeds

          Sunflower seeds


          Great skin doesn't just happen, for most of us anyway. It's like anything valuable, it needs to be worked on.  If you don't like some of these ingredients just start with a small amount + add more gradually. Your taste buds will soon adjust. You're changing habits and you'll be amazed, the more regularly you eat these foods, the more you'll start to enjoy them, even crave them!

            4. EXERCISE

              After you've been for a brisk walk outside have you noticed how energised and alive your face looks?

              Exercise helps flush out toxins by increasing blood flow + helping the lymphatic system + digestive system to function effectively. This blood then carries oxygen + nutrients to the cells including the skin.

              So hop on the trampoline, swim, surf, run, jump, dance! Every little bit helps. Do what you enjoy so it's fun.


                5. SLEEP

                  One of the best things you can do for your skin is sleep. While you sleep your body boosts blood flow to the skin. If you become sleep deprived your skin turns dull + lifeless + your body makes more of the stress hormone cortisol, which often causes skin to dry out, become inflamed or produce breakouts.

                  Try to keep your circadian rhythm balanced by going to bed before 10 pm every night.

                  Treat yourself to a delicious early night at least once a week. There’s a reason it’s called Beauty Sleep.

                    6. SLEEP POSITION

                      Sleeping on your back eases the pressure on your face for up to 8 hours each night. Over time this constant pressure creates fine lines. When you sleep on your back your face isn’t crushed or crumpled. This may take some getting used to but it’s a habit well worth cultivating.

                        7. DETOX

                          When was the last time you checked your bathroom cupboards? Regularly go through + remove any products that are old or out of date. Then read the ingredients of what's left. Consider... do I really want to put this on my skin? If you don’t understand an ingredient, do your research. Most brands hope you won’t!

                          If you truly want to love your skin it's important you start treating it with the utmost respect + only apply pure, gentle, products. You'll soon notice an improvement, not just in your skin’s health, but in your attitude to your skin.

                          8. CHOOSE WISELY

                          Yesterday we suggested you go through your cupboards + detox your skincare. If that's something you decided to do + you need some replacements, try our 100% natural, vegan range, handmade with certified organic ingredients.

                              9. EXOFLIATES + MASKS

                                Face masks help hydrate the skin, draw out impurities + prevent excess oil forming. Exfoliation removes the outer layer of dead skin cells, bringing new healthy cells to the surface. These new cells hold water better + allow moisture to penetrate. Applying a mask + using an exfoliate regularly revitalises + refreshes the skin. We’ll be releasing a new mask + scrub mid 2021.



                                  10. BODY BRUSH

                                    Brush your body for five minutes a day to increase circulation + stimulate the lymphatic system. Start at the toes + work towards your heart. Use small, energetic, circular movements. You can brush your hands, fingers, ears + neck gently too.

                                      11. LEAFY GREENS

                                        If you want great skin, make dark, leafy greens your friends. Eat them in salads, add them to your meals, or juice them. They’re full of antioxidants + vitamins that support collagen health. They also help fight inflammation + detox the liver which in turn purifies the skin.



                                          12. SALAD DRESSING

                                            This is a great companion to your dark, leafy greens. It's easy + simple to make + tastes delicious!

                                            1/4 cup olive oil
                                            3 tablespoons lemon juice or apple cider vinegar
                                            1/2 tsp honey
                                            Pinch of salt.

                                            Add some BITTER greens (home grown are best) because they're SO good for you!

                                            13. AVOID TOXINS WITHIN

                                            You only have one skin + it’s your body’s largest organ so look after it. Many ingredients in traditional skincare have been linked to health issues such as allergies, eczema, cancer + hormonal disruption.

                                            Plants contain potent nutrients no chemicals can emulate which is why botanical skincare delivers such powerful results.

                                            When you purchase natural skincare it’s not just a wise decision it’s an act of self-love.

                                            14. MOISTURE

                                            The first sign of ageing is lack of moisture so give your face a drink! Consume 2 litres of water daily + spritz your face. Your skin is more absorbent wet than dry so spritzing also primes your skin ready to receive the nutrients from your moisturiser. Adequate hydration ensures your skin maintains its elasticity. Have you tried our Sanctia Skin Hydration?

                                            15. HABITS

                                            It’s never too early or too late to look after your skin. Change habits slowly + consistently. Don’t give up + you’ll see results.

                                            16. SPA WATER

                                            Specifically created to support healthy skin, this provides a valuable boost of vitamin C + a powerhouse of nutrients to your body.


                                            8 cups water
                                            5 thin slices ginger, peeled
                                            1 medium cucumber, sliced
                                            1 medium lemon, peeled + sliced.
                                            Handful mint leaves

                                            Drinking water is the best way to hydrate your body + your skin. Ginger has antioxidant properties to help improve your skin’s elasticity. Cucumber is packed with vitamin C to aid cellular function while lemon juice is naturally antibacterial + mint boosts blood circulation. Be sure to make this spa water part of your daily routine.

                                            17. REVIEW

                                            If you don’t love your skin, change what you’re doing. Adjust your diet. Exercise. Switch your products. Go natural. Watch your self talk! Drink more water. Review + refresh. 

                                            18. GREENWASHING

                                            When it comes to skincare don't be seduced by words on packaging like eco, organic, botanic, pure, plant based, plant derived or even natural. Sometimes those products contain next to no ingredients to back up their claims.

                                            What is advertised on the front of packaging often only makes up 1-2% of ingredients inside. Ingredients are listed in order of their percentage so if all the plant extracts are at the bottom of the list they are probably in small quantities.

                                            Choose pure, 100% natural skincare to give your skin 100% pure love!

                                            19. ALCOHOL

                                            Alcohol damages the skin by dehydrating the body, including every organ. It also increases inflammation + changes the hormonal milieu in the skin which can exacerbate conditions such as acne + rosacea. When you drink alcohol, be aware that your skin will develop more lines + will lose its natural plumpness + healthy glow.

                                            20. FLAVONOIDS

                                            Flavonoids are a group of phytonutrients (plant chemicals) found in most fruits + vegetables. They’re powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory + immune system benefits. They help reduce collagen degradation + delay skin aging.

                                            Your skin will improve when you include them in your diet. Foods such as: parsley, berries, bananas, citrus, legumes, buckwheat + raw cacao.

                                            21. SKIN HEALTH

                                            Great skin really does come from the inside out. The food we eat makes up new skin cells. Include a variety of proteins, carbohydrates + healthy fats to ensure your body receives all the essential vitamins + minerals it requires.

                                            Foods rich in vitamin C play a key role in forming collagen + are also antioxidant rich.

                                            22. BALANCE

                                            Every time you apply products to your face, you drag or pull the skin in some way even if you use a gentle touch. It simply isn't necessary to load your skin up with all sorts of different products.

                                            True, the skin needs a variety of nutrients just like the body but if you cleanse, hydrate + moisturise daily + apply a mask or exfoliation weekly, using effective natural skincare, your skin will receive all the nutrients + vitamins it requires. A minimalist approach is best.

                                            23. SUN

                                            In Australia we're blessed with so much sunshine. However, what we consider a normal ageing process (skin sagging, stretching + wrinkles) is often caused by exposure to the sun's powerful ultraviolet light which damages the fibres in the skin called elastin. Once these break down the skin begins to lose its vitality + its ability to return to place after stretching.

                                            So stay out of strong sunlight whenever possible. You can still go outside just wear a large hat or choose shade. (Sunscreen contains a plethora of chemicals.)

                                            Make sure you hydrate your skin + use a good natural moisturiser to replenish all those nutrients + prevent long term sun damage.


                                            24. CEREMONY

                                            When you next have ‘me’ time, make it ceremonial. Clean your bathroom, light a candle, play some relaxing music, place flowers in the room (or hang eucalyptus leaves for cleansing). Take it slowly. Really savour your body + see its beauty. Even if you’re not 100% happy with it (who is?!). During this moment focus only on the good.

                                            Nurture your skin with beautiful, natural products + imagine them working their magic. Everything is energy + you want to create a happy vibration in your body. Our skincare contains Living Flower Essences which have mood enhancing qualities to help you.

                                            Add affirmations such as, “it’s easy for me to love + appreciate my body”. When said repetitively, with belief, your affirmations soon become your reality.

                                            Treasure this moment of tranquility + mindfulness.

                                            25. CALM

                                            A calm mind equates to calm skin. Stress is the enemy of clear skin. Reduce over-thinking with meditation.

                                            Breathing deeply + meditating is such a beautiful thing to do for your skin + your soul. It turns your mind away from all the problems of the world to a well of stillness within. Imagine your mind is calm + clear as often as you can. Keep practising. Breathe deep + count to Zen!

                                            26. CLEANSE

                                            Using an oil based cleanser is one of the best ways to transform your complexion. You might think that applying oil to your face will clog your pores + make oily skin even oilier, but cleansing oils do the opposite – they’re excellent at balancing the skin + its oil production whilst dissolving make up, dirt + excess sebum to leave you with a clean, clear complexion.

                                            Whereas foaming + cream cleansers tend to strip the skin + upset the skin's natural balance, oil cleansers feed the skin.

                                            Our Clarity Cleanser is easy to use, simply apply a few drops to an organic cotton pad or cloth + massage onto the face + neck to remove all impurities. It also removes make up.

                                            Don’t be surprised at how much dirt oil cleansers are capable of removing. No need to wash off, instead leave the residue of nutrients to benefit your skin.


                                            27. YOGA

                                            Yoga postures are wonderful for the skin.

                                            • Energetic moves such as a fast round of salute to the sun increase blood circulation + reduce toxins in the body.
                                            • Inverted postures increase blood supply to the head + help to maintain your skin’s glow.
                                            • Kneeling poses improve digestion which in turn helps detox the internal organs.
                                            • Breathing exercises provide a cooling effect to the skin to help it retain its natural health.

                                            28. INFLAMMATION

                                            The majority of diseases stem from inflammation + the skin can also become affected. Ageing is an inflammatory process, as is acne, rosacea + eczema.

                                            Inflammation also produces enzymes that break down collagen + elastin, resulting in sagging skin + wrinkles. So how can you reduce inflammation?

                                            • Sugar is a major contributor to inflammation + over time, your body (+ skin) will suffer when you eat it. Among other things, sugar causes your insulin levels to spike, which leads to inflammation. Reduce sugar slowly + gradually from your diet if you want glowing skin. 
                                            • Intermittent fasting reboots the gut microbiome (the origin of most inflammation in the body), cleanses your body + refreshes your skin. Try going without food + see how your complexion gains clarity. Pay attention to your body + its needs as you fast.

                                            29. ALKALINE

                                            Excess acidity is another major cause of inflammation in the body. So make sure to eat a balanced diet with lots of alkaline foods.


                                            • Fruits, nuts + seeds
                                            • Kelp + spices
                                            • Vegetables + salads
                                            • Millet, beans + lentils
                                            • Avocado, olive + coconut oils.
                                            • Herbal teas
                                            • Green smoothies
                                            • Coconut water
                                            • Water with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar
                                            • Cucumber + celery juice

                                            30. FOCUS ON FACE

                                            A few more gentle tips:

                                            • Steam your face to open your pores before exfoliating
                                            • Practice face yoga
                                            • Avoid very hot water + chlorinated pools
                                            • Relax your facial muscles often
                                            • Remember your neck + décolletage area when applying skincare products
                                            • Find some healthy affirmations that resonate with you + repeat them daily in the mirror.

                                            Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. We truly value your feedback.  

                                            Share the love + follow us on Facebook or Instagram @thenaturalskinstore.

                                            And remember… you deserve to look + feel amazing!