Skincare Secrets Big Beauty Brands Don't Want You To Know.

Seven companies dominate the beauty business.

The Natural Skin Store is a small, burgeoning skincare brand and we believe it's time for a change. The beauty industry hides some ugly secrets and it's affecting health and the environment.

Mass manufacturing for big companies usually involves huge vats of chemicals made into base cream that they then add various ingredients to and package differently to cater to particular markets. They often take advantage of cheap labour in poor countries where environmental regulations may be loose.

To convince you to buy they spend vast amounts on slick packaging and clever marketing so you purchase what is, in effect, a concoction of chemicals. Although cheap and easy to work with in bulk, the efficacy and safety of chemicals in skin care must surely be questioned (along with the impact of plastic packaging).

Be aware that your body absorbs up to 60% of these ingredients. Imagine how this affects your insides, your skin and your well-being over time as toxins build. 

At The Natural Skin Store we create effective skincare using only genuinely natural, certified organic ingredients. Nature has all the remedies you need for perfect skin. We source quality, pure ingredients so that you and your skin receive the benefits. We hand make all our products which takes time, dedication and precision but we believe it's worth it. We began making skincare precisely because of the above. Time to be real and share some ugly secrets about the beauty business.